Close to our clients, solutions on time

“Our company can recognize the problems of our clients and give an immediate and satisfactory solution to them, we have professionals of very high level, which helps us to act of an effective way. Every day we fortify the communication and the confidence with all our clients, by means of the constant work and solutions on time”


  We work for the technological development of Ecuador

SIPECOM S.A. is a company that provides computer science services, formed by professionals with great experiences in the technological field that wants to be positioned as a supplier of solutions and services, as well in the electronic commerce as in the administration of their information.


To work for the technological development of Ecuador and Latin America, our effort is directed to satisfy the necessities to our clients giving practical and viable solutions that have a lot of efficiency, quality and productivity.


To participate with our Staff in the Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Computer Science Solutions, also to offer to our clients continue training for the optimal and productive management of its software tools.


SIPECOM S.A. is an Ecuadorian company with professionals compromised with their mission, which trusts its abilities and the organized work, assuring the best solution to the necessities of their clients. We counted on more than 15 years of experience administering and developing computer systems using a great variety of tools such as:

  Outsourcing in Cobis Platform

  Web Applications Development using Microsoft Platform.

  Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.Net, XML, WebServices.

  Specialized Training in COBIS and Microsoft tools for Companies .

  Technological Projects Management in Cobis and Microsoft Platform.

  Data Bases Tunning and Perfomance.



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